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Welcome to Larkin Touch Therapeutics, a place for healing!

My goal is to treat all clients as unique individuals. With a holistic healing approach, whether you are seeking treatment for your physical, or emotional dis-ease , we will work together, to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

 I use the following therapies, along with additional training, to provide the best healing I can:

Massage Therapy-  It has been shown that massage effects each system of the body, from increasing circulation  to decreasing stress. Massage uses manipulation of the soft tissue, and can be Relaxation, or Therapeutic(which is deeper pressure used in a specific area). 

Reiki- Meaning "Universal Life Force Energy", Reiki embodies the concept of a universal energy, a spiritually guided, all enveloping energy of the body, soul, and spirit. Reiki uses gentle pressure hand placements, which allows for positive energy flow, and is a wonderful tool in stress management.

Geriatric Massage- A gentle massage especially designed for the needs of our elder population.

Integrative Therapy- When Massage is combined with Reiki , you now balance the energy patterns of the body allowing it to function with greater ease and efficiency.


Thank you for considering me as your Massage Therapist!

Ellie Larkin

Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master


Please call 585-545-0351 or E-mail for appointment/more information

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